Horween Chromexcel Type - 5oz/5.5oz

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SKU 9175-15

These Horween seconds are Chromexcel type sides in black, they are 5oz/5.oz, and average 16sq ft.-18sq. ft.

These Horween seconds are a slightly less waxy/greasy version of Chromexcel that is designed to be cementable.

Chromexcel® leather has been produced using the same hot-stuffing formula for over 90 years. This process infuses the hides with Horween’s proprietary oil, wax and tallow mixture that provides the leather with an unmatched durability and feel. They are then hand-stained with an aniline dye which creates a richly colored leather with a beautiful pull-up effect. (Black CXL does not display a pull-up). This full grain leather holds up well to the elements and resists hardening for generations.

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