Cowhide Leather Panels - Fall Shades

SKU 9217-44-06

These matte finish cowhide leather panels come in two styles.

Chestnut and Raspberry have a natural cowhide smooth suede back side. These two are about 3-3.5oz thick (1.2-1.4mm).

Very clean on the front and back, with the very rare but occasional stamp from the tannery. They have a supple temper and have slight movement to them.

Mustard and Merlot are cowhide finish splits. The front is a pebble grain cowhide and the back have a smooth matte finish. These two are about 4oz (1.6mm) thick.

The Mustard and Merlot finished split leathers are slightly firmer in temper and hold their shape well. Mustard – Has a rich Brown flesh side. Merlot -Has a dark Rose flesh side. Both of these leathers are great for earrings, purses, and wallets!

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