Glazed Pigskin Liner 1.5oz (0.6mm)

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SKU 9128-01

This versatile pigskin leather is not only ideal for pocket liners, backing, and wallets, but it also offers unbeatable value and durability.

Experience the convenience and longevity of this economical option, designed to withstand the test of time. Its durability ensures that your creations will maintain their quality and integrity, even with regular use.

Please note that due to the wax finish, a light buffing may be required upon receiving or before use.

However, rest assured that achieving a flawless result is effortless. As depicted in the picture, a mere couple of seconds of hand buffing with a lint-free cloth brought out the stunning luster and smoothness.

Thickness: 1.5oz (0.6mm)

Average Size: 5sq ft.-8 sq ft 

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