Leather Bundle Specials

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Bundled leathers that give you a chance to save big on some great hides!

Each bundle varies in square footage, thickness, and type.

Be sure to read the details for each bundle! 

Bundle A: 107.5sq ft. Six hides. All embossed hides, between 2oz-4oz in thickness. 

Bundle B: 65.5sq ft. Three hides. Two dark navy nubuck hides, with a soft temper. One red croc embossed hide. Hides range 3.5oz-5.5oz in thickness. 

Bundle C: 35sq ft. Five Pieces. Shark Embossed small pieces. These are all the same embossing, and color. They are small off-shapes. 4oz-5oz thickness.

Bundle D: 82.75sq ft. Thirteen Pieces. Assorted colors, bright and earth toned colors. Great for wallets, earrings, lining. 3oz-4oz thickness. 

Bundle E: 41sq ft. Eight Pieces. Embossed and smooth grain. Neutral Colors.  2oz-4oz thickness.

Bundle F: 49.25sq ft. Eight Pieces. Brown and Black smooth hides. These hides are great for lining leather, and wallet pockets, and small crafts. 2oz-3oz thickness.

Bundle G: 40.5sq ft. Eight Pieces. Solid brown leather, and some variety of embossed leather pieces. 2oz-4oz thickness. 

Bundle H: 128.5sq ft. Six pieces. Three beautiful brown oil tanned hides, three embossed hides  


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