About Us

With over 75 years of leather experience and expertise that covers everything from the hide market to the finished product, Frogjelly Leather is the company helping you and your business be the best. We specialize in leather, dye, finishes, leathercraft tools, hand tools, and more. We are a distributor for Angelus Brand dyes, paints, and leather care products. A place where you can find top quality leather at competitive pricing, no special memberships needed!

We're based in Arlington, TX in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our location allows us to get some of the best pricing on international freight and access to fast shipping, which are savings we can then pass on to you. 

We source our products from all over the world and can offer you products tailor-made for your company. Besides what we have in stock, we can custom print in house or work directly with tanneries to formulate the right dye, finish and tannage to make your leather products stand out. Contact us to find out how we can help your company thrive.

Mail: inquiry@frogjellyleather.com

Tel: +1 817-969-5150