Glitterlites Paint Razzberry


Angelus Glitterlites add a clean glitter coat that you can paint on. No more glue, no more mess! Just mix well and apply to a clean surface.

If you're redecorating a kid's room, our glitter paint works wonders on vinyl!

Angelus Glitterlites won't crack or peel, and they work great on leather.

Who wouldn't want a pair of custom Razzberry sneakers?


These can be used on any surface! Leather, Glass, Plastic, Fabric, etc.

Want to use Glitterlites on plastic or other hard surfaces?
Then Angelus 2-Hard is the perfect item for you! When mixed with Angelus Acrylic Paints, this product will allow the paint to adhere to non-porous surfaces such as rubber, plastic, and/or glass. Angelus 2-Hard promotes adhesion and film hardness. 

Want to use Glitterlites on canvas or other soft surfaces?
2- Soft is an absolute must-have when working on fabrics such as the sock-liner of shoes and other soft fabrics. When heat-set properly, this Fabric Medium will help keep your fabrics nice and soft after being painted.

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