Holiday Printed Faux Leather Scrap Pack

SKU 5004-00
Package Size
This is a UV resistant marine grade upholstery vinyl with resilient stretching great for earrings, hair bows, clutches and anything else you would use faux leather or firmer upholstery vinyl for!

This listing is for a 4oz or 8oz total weight bag of remnant pieces, the pictures show a total of remnants for reference. Bags can vary in piece count depending on size of remnants.

***Each package is different and these are pulled at random from our various holiday prints. Pictures are for reference on quantities, prints can and will vary from pictures***

Each package will have a mix of different sizes, prints, some will be printed on the front and back and some will not be printed on the back.

Please look through each image in the listing for various sizes that are possible to receive.

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