Serape Smooth Cowhide Leather (2.5oz-3oz / 1mm-1.2mm)

Stripe Width
Panel Size

This classic serape pattern is printed in two different stripe widths. One is the perfect option for making those smaller crafts (earrings, keychains, etc) and the other can be used for the small crafts or something bigger like bags!

Please see pictures for measurements.

This leather is 0.8mm (2oz) thick and has a soft and supple feel to it. This is a very flexible and pliable leather.

Backside is a grey suede.


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*Please keep in mind colors and brightness can vary depending on monitor settings and lighting

You can use this leather for bags, wallets, inlays, earrings and many other accessories!

This is printed on real cow hide leather that we import directly from then tannery, then print in house!

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