Variety Leather Scrap Bag - 1lb

SKU 5012-02
This is a variety leather remnant bag of top and full grained leather. They are of every weight and are good for small craft projects, jewelry, toy & doll accessories and other small leather crafting needs.

It can include shoulder, belly and other assorted trim. Some will be smooth finish, pebble grain, matte or glossy. Can also get include suede, pigskin, garment and thicker leathers.

No two orders alike, WILL contain leathers not pictured in listing as they are always changing.

We are unable to fulfill request for leather types on this listing.

Size: Varies. Generally nothing smaller than palm of the hand and most 2-3 times larger than.

Thickness: Varies (2/3oz up to 5/6oz) 0.8mm-1.2mm up to 2.0-2.4mm

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